Try Diving

Learn how to start exploring our underwater world


The sensation of breathing underwater and being able to see another world is something many people dream of trying and there is no reason they can’t. Trying scuba diving can be a one-off experience or it can be the beginning of a new passion.

Learning to scuba dive can be complex process but it’s plenty of fun too. All newcomers take to the water with a professional instructor and are able to experience the unique ‘weightlessness’ of diving and the feeling of breathing underwater. Scuba diving is an experience for all, with some instructors teaching children as young as eight. There are also opportunities to scuba dive all over the world, from exotic locations to hidden hideaways and even dedicated wrecks and dive sites.

Student trying scuba diving in a pool

Trying diving is a life changing experience for many and many who start out as beginners soon advance onto other courses and become experts in their own right. Diving is a chance to see marine life in its natural habitat and experience the world in a whole new way.

Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving is where most divers begin. It’s the first introduction to the water, the equipment and diving in general. It is a chance to try diving out and see how you feel about it, without the commitment of a complete open water course.

Open Water diving

If the discover programme isn’t enough for you or you’ve enjoyed and want more, there are various open water diving courses available. They help you reach the next level in your diving experience and confidence and allow you to explore even further.

Getting to Grips with Diving Equipment

One of the most unusual things for many newcomers to diving is getting used to the equipment. Just getting into a wetsuit can be a challenge but you soon get used to it and all the other required equipment too. The right scuba gear is essential for any dive experience and as a minimum you will use:

  • Diving mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Regulator
  • Buoyancy control device
  • Dive gauges
  • Air cylinder

Although this may sound like a lot, all instructors will go through each piece of equipment thoroughly so you can use it safely and you will also be fully supported throughout your experience. It is surprisingly easy to move underwater, even with all this gear. If you choose to progress to more advanced diving courses, you will get to know other equipment too.

Try Driving Around the World

There are dive sites and centres in many locations around the world. You can try diving in the UK and in Ireland but you can also travel much further afield to explore different marine environments, discover different species and continue having the same amount of great fun.

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